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World of friends is a world of peace

Friendship Force of Greater Lansing is a non-profit exchange organization dedicated to the principle that each person can make a contribution to global goodwill.

Friendship Force members travel as Ambassadors from their home country to another country. Local hosts welcome them to stay in their homes, providing activities and meeting a broad array of people that reflect community life and local culture. Host families receive no payment for opening their homes. Ambassadors pay an all inclusive fee to travel on an exchange. Even though ambassador and host may not share the same language or cultures, they learn that friendship overcomes these differences. After sharing experiences of friendship, differences of language, race, creed or politics become less important. Opportunities customary to tourist activities are also included in exchanges.

Anyone who shares the principles of Friendship Force is welcomed as a member. To be an Ambassador or Host requires a strong commitment, and those interested are chosen by local committees.

Friendship Force get together in Grand Rapids, MI
Lansing FF, Grand Rapids FF & Lugansk, Ukraine FF

The Friendship Force International was established in 1977, with the support and endorsement of President Jimmy Carter. FFI has actively sought to foster positive relations between diverse people and cultures in more than 60 countries. The organization was recognized for its achievements in 1992 by being nonminated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Friendship Force of Greater Lansing