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Friendship Force of Greater Lansing, MI


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We have hosted Friendship Force members from Australia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, New Zeland, Russia, Thailand, and Urkaine. We have traveled abroad to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia,  Costa Rica, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Mexico, Middle East, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Thialand, and Japan. These exchanges have taught us the real value of Friendship Force: Getting to know the similarities amongst other cultures by meeting friendly, interesting people. 
(See Scheduled Events Page for listing of Friendship Force of Greater Lansing Inbound and Outbound Exchanges and for an Ambassador Application Form)

To be an Ambassador or Host requires a strong commitment, and those interested are chosen by local committees.
(See Contact Us Page for membership information and application)

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Open World 2012 Ukrainian Delegation

2013 Open World Ukrainian Delegation

Dresden, Germany Day Tour

La Serena, Chile Farwell Dinner

Parliament Hill

Cedar Rapids / Iowa City FF Outbound Exchange

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Friendship Force of Greater Lansing