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Board Meeting of Friendship force of Greater Lansing
November 7, 2017 at the home of Susan Hill - 2pm


Minutes of the July board meeting

Treasurer’s Report   

2017 Outbound to New Zeeland Report

New business
Please review Bylaws and Policies and Procedures on the website:,   meetings and links,  near the bottom you will see Bylaws and Policies and Procedures ( I will have a few copies)

    Future Board meetings – dates
General meetings –
December 8, 2017 –  party at Sickles
Third Thursday, every other month
February 15,  Richard Tipton – New Zeeland trip
Need program ideas for other meetings
2018 - Outbound: Peru
    Need Journey Coordinator (ED)
2018  - April 26- May 3    Our inbound will be from Haliburton Highlands.  Need Host Coordinator
 Future “Get togethers” – Marilyn
2017-2019 Officers:
President – Jill Murphy
Vice President – Richard Tipton
Secretary – Alison Kisch-Dedrick
Treasurer – Bob Sheap
Past President – Georgia Old
Membership – Dottie Shonkwiler
Activities – Margaret Sickles
Webmaster – Sue Hill
Get-Togethers – Marilyn Deussen

View Archieved Minutes

Archived October 2017 Minutes

Archived January 28, 2016 Minutes

Archived December 4, 2015 Minutes

Archived November 19, 2015 Minutes

Archived September 24, 2015 Minutes

Archived May 21, 2015 Minutes

Archived January 15, 2015 Minutes

Friendship Force Intl. Links

Once you belong to our organization you can travel on an outbound exchange with any U.S. Friendship Force organization. Click on the FFI Exchange Flyer link above to see outbound trips.

Friendship Force of Greater Lansing