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Archived April 30, 2006 minutes

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Board Meeting - April 30, 2006 


The meeting opened at 10:30 A.M. at the home of Jill Murphy.  Present were: Jill Murphy, Diane Maxim-Parsons, Bob Sheap, Tom Hopp, and Rose Mary Hopp.


The minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary and approved.  Treasurer Bob Sheap reported no activity or changes and the treasury stands at $1,635.58.


The annual report from Friendship Force International was viewed and commented upon.


The Dayton exchange of July 28-30 has 10 people attending so far and Ambassador Applications will be filled out at the next meeting of May 5 and given to Jill.  The cost is $20 and car-pooling will be formed as the date gets closer.


FFI asked for a “World Exchange Recruiter” and Jill has volunteered.


2007 exchanges have been announced.  In-bound exchange from Mt. Barker and Castertan, Australia, has been accepted and they will be coming in August. 


Out-bound exchange for Detroit and All-Michigan has been accepted for Wairarapa and Hamilton, New Zealand in October, 2007.  More information will be distributed as received.


Question of whether it is necessary to be a member of Friendship Force to participate in exchanges was brought up and this will be looked into.


Open World:  Various dates and topics were given for an Open World (Ukraine) in-bound exchange.  Motion was made and seconded to ask for a September 1, 2006, exchange for the groups “Independent Media” or “NGO”.  Seconded and approved.


Club Organization:  It was decided that we need to appoint more people to various jobs to keep them interested and active.  Committees such as Communication or Publicity, Activities, and Exchange should be appointed and encouraged to attend Board meetings and help with organization of club.


By-Laws:  Motion was made to make a change in By-laws Article V, Section 1 which reads: “Annual Meeting:  The annual meeting of the Club shall be the last Tuesday of January.”  to read:

“Annual Meeting: The annual meeting of the Club shall be conducted during the 3rd week of October.”  Seconded and moved.


 This change will enable the Board and President to get in the necessary forms, newly elected officers if indicated, and other requirements requested by Friendship Force International early in the year.  This will be presented to the membership at the May 5 meeting.


Next general meeting:  The Indian Dinner on Friday, May 5, was updated by Diane.  Jill will show slides of India, Ron has ordered Indian food.  A motion was made to charge members and past-members $10 for the Indian food and guests will be paid from the treasury.  Seconded and approved.


Web-master Report:  (Bob Sheap)—Added to the web site—By-laws, ambassador applications.  It was suggested that E-mails should be sent periodically encouraging members to view site:


Membership survey:  Diane reviewed list of names and will show survey at next meeting for approval.


Next board meeting will be on Friday, June 16 at 7:00 P.M. at the Hopps.


Meeting was closed at 12:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Rose Mary Hopp, Secretary


Friendship Force of Greater Lansing