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Archived September 15, 2006

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Board Meeting - September 15, 2006 


 The General Membership Meeting of the Friendship Force of Greater Lansing was opened at 7:30 P.M. by President Jill Murphy.  Items on the agenda were:

1)  Change annual meeting time

2)  Discuss annual Friendship Force International 30th birthday and annual meeting in Atlanta in March

3) In-bound and out-bound exchanges for 2008

4) Reimbursements

5) In-bound and outbound exchanges for 2007


The minutes of the last board meeting were read and approved.  Treasurer passed out treasurer’s report showing a balance of $1,889.86.


The Interlochen regional meeting in October has been cancelled due to conflict with International meeting in Ireland.


FFI 30th anniversary celebration takes place in Atlanta in the fall with home hosting—information will be provided in a forthcoming newsletter from Jill.


Requests for in- and out-bound exchanges must be in by November of each year.  All-Michigan out-bound exchange to New Zealand will take place in October, 2007, and in-bound exchange to Lansing from Mt. Barker and Casterton, New Zealand has been approved for suggested date of August, 2007.  More details to follow.


Ron Parsons made motion in favor of organizing  a  FF of Greater Lansing out-bound exchange in 2008 and to get information on most likely available places that membership is interested in participating. Motion seconded.  Much discussion.  Passed.


All reimbursements and receipts should be given to Diane or Bob.


Diane shared the results of the Chinese survey on the exchange.  Ranking of activities were: 1) Farewell dinner, 2) State Capitol and Museum, 3) Country Buffet, 4) Gilmore Car Museum,  Other activities not able to fit in: More time on MSU campus, talk with teachers, observe classrooms, work places, Lake Michigan.


 Rose Mary shared E-mail from Chinese translator, Tong Haldong, who felt that home-visit was the “most interesting and memorable part” of their trip.


Jill thanked everyone for participating in the exchanges with Dayton, Mexico, and China in such a short notice and the great success of them all.


Seminar of the St. John’s Camera Club will take place October 22.  Anyone interested should contact Bob Sheap.


 Last item on the agenda, changing the by-laws, was taken up.  At the last board meeting, a motion was moved, seconded, and approved that Article V, Section 1 which, in part, reads: “The annual meeting of the Club shall be the last Tuesday of January” should be changed to read: “Annual Meeting: The annual meeting of the Club shall be the last Tuesday of October.”  It was moved that this motion be reconsidered, seconded, and approved and a new motion was made to move the annual meeting from the last Tuesday in January to October was seconded, discussed, and approved.  The by-laws will now read: “The annual meeting of the Club shall be held in October.”


  This change will make it easier to meet the deadlines set by  Friendship Force International.


The meeting was closed at 9:00 P.M. with a thank you to all, especially the “new faces” for participating.  Refreshments and talk about exchanges followed.


Respectfully submitted,


Rose Mary Hopp, Secretary



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