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Archived October 19, 2007 Minutes

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Annual Membership Meeting - October 19, 2007

After a truly delicious potluck buffet with 20 members present, Tonya Green gave a most interesting and humorous account of her trip to Iceland and Greenland along with pictures.

Following her presentation, Jill Murphy, President, opened the annual meeting with a summary of the past year’s activities including the in-bound exchange with Australia and the Open World Program with the Russian delegates. Board meetings and general meetings were held on alternate months and membership grew to 31.

Diane Parsons, Vice-president, announced the presentation of a revolving trophy to be given to the member who brought in the most new members during the year. The first recipients are Marge and Ed Clarke who were not present to receive it.

Bob Sheap, Treasurer, gave a summary of the year’s income and expenditures and showed that the club is in good monetary standing.

He asked for a motion to make a donation for the use of Sam Corey Community Center and a motion was made, seconded, and approved to send $100.00 and a thank-you note.

Discussion regarding $230 from Mt. Barker Friendship Force resulted in a motion that whoever drove to Grand Rapids to pick up and drop off ambassadors be reimbursed if they submitted a request within 30 days. This was seconded and approved.

The out-bound exchange to Costa Rica in March was discussed. Applications were passed out to those interested. A second week in Altatonga, Mexico, was being looked into and more information will be sent out as soon as it is formulated. Jill Murphy is the exchange director and questions should be directed to her.

Friendship Force International is asking for requests for 2009 out-bound exchanges. Jill will send an E-mail listing the possibilities and will ask all members to respond with their choices.

The next board meeting will be on Monday, November 26 at 7:00 P.M. at the home of RoseMary and Tom Hopp. Everyone is invited to attend to discuss ways to improve the club.

The Christmas Party is scheduled for Friday, December 7 at Sam Corey Community Center at 6:30 P.M. More information will follow.

The election of officers followed with a motion of an acclimation to keep the present board—seconded and approved with the following slate: Jill Murphy, President; Diane Maxim-Parsons, Vice-resident; RoseMary Hopp, Secretary; Bob Sheap, Treasurer.

A final announcement was made that we will be having an in-bound exchange from Causeway Coast, UK in 2008. More details to follow as it comes in.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

RoseMary Hopp

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