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Archived January 17, 2008 Minutes

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Minutes of Board Meeting - January 17, 2008


The meeting was opened at 7:40 P.M. by President Jill at her home. Present were: Jill Murphy, Bob Sheap, Tom Hopp, and RoseMary Hopp.

The minutes of the November 27, 2007 meeting were read and approved. Bob Sheap passed out the treasurer’s report showing expenses and income of both outbound exchange and general account on same report but meticulously listed.  All in good shape. The report was unanimously accepted.



In-coming exchange with Causeway Coast of Ireland is scheduled for June, 2008.  There will be 20 ambassadors coming and Diane Maxim-Parsons, exchange director, will start organizing exchange after the Costa Rica out-bound exchange.


Out-bound exchanges:

The itinerary of the Costa Rica exchange on March 3-March 17, 2008 is all set and a meeting on Saturday, January19 is planned for further discussion.


Ghana is the choice for 2009 and this will be discussed at the next general meeting (Friday, February 15) to see if there is enough interest to accept this.  Ron Parsons has agreed to be exchange director since he has been there and even speaks the language.



The programs for the coming year (Board Meetings on the 3rd Thursdays, and General Meetings on the 3rd Fridays of alternate months) were reviewed and it was suggested that the topic of Friendship Force exchanges be emphasized.  With more members going on exchanges, this will be easier to do.  A program on the Costa Rica exchange is scheduled for the October meeting with a special presentation by Bob Sheap with the help of all ambassadors.



The next general meeting is:  Friday, February 15- at 7:00 P.M at Sam Corey’s Community Center on Holt Rd.  The program will be on “Discover Vietnam” by  

 Rose Mary and Tom Hopp who went on the FF exchange in November.  Refreshments will be Vietnamese related.  A motion was made that FF treasury will provide Asian refreshments. Seconded and approved.


It was also emphasized that more communication to members via E-mail is important to keep members informed.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

                      Rose Mary Hopp, Secretary

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