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Archived September 18, 2008 minutes

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Minutes of Board Meeting - May 15, 2008


Prior to opening of meeting, a delicious meal of ham, turkey, dips, potato salad, etc was served by Bob Sheap, who hosted the meeting. Thanks, Bob!

The meeting was opened by President Jill at 7:30 P.M. Nine members were present

Minutes of a previous meeting were read. The treasurer’s report was given and treasury is in good shape. We have 27 paid members.

Bob passed out details of Costa Rica exchange and proudly stated they stayed within budget and the cost was only $2,000 per person. A brief recap of Costa Rican exchange was presented with much enthusiasm of hosts and program. The handbook and "daily reminisces" are outstanding! Thanks again, Bob!

A lengthy discussion was had regarding non-members attending out-bound exchanges. The following motion was made, seconded, and approved by the Board:

"For out-bound exchanges, anyone not a member of the Friendship Force of Greater Lansing will pay a surcharge fee equivalent to annual membership dues or join the club."

This motion will be presented to the whole membership to decide if this should be put into the constitution.

Grand Rapids is hosting a Friendship Force from New Zealand and asked it we would like to put on a luncheon for them. It was agreed to entertain them on Wednesday, June 25, at Jill’s home. Help will be solicited from all members.

Jill passed around T-shirts with Michigan logo and Friendship Force of Greater Lansing embroidered on them. They were done at D&M Silk Screening and Embroidery—4202 Charlar Drive, Holt. Check with Jill if you would like to order any for yourselves or ambassadors.

The out-bound exchange to the Friendship Force of Volta Lake is being worked on.

The in-bound exchange with Causeway Coast, Ireland, will be covered at the meeting at Diane’s house on Thursday, May 29 at 7:00 P.M.

There will be no general meeting in June due to the in-bound exchange. Next meeting will be announced later.

Meeting closed at 9: 15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Rose Mary Hopp, Secretary

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