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Archived October 29, 2010 Meeting

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General Meeting Minutes- October 29, 2010
Hannah Community Center

After a most delicious "Pot-Luck" provided by all members, the meeting was opened by President Diane at 7:00 P.M.  The minutes were read and approved.  Ron gave the treasurer's report and this was approved.  Dues are due remaining at $25 per couple and $16 for singles.  Many members handed Ron checks and cash for their dues.
Diane passed out a printed agenda showing all the coming dates for the Board and General Meetings.  These will be posted on our web site by Bob ---  Members are encouraged to check this website frequently for updates and pictures.
Casey reported that the get-together at Jill's house for Mavis from British Columbia was very pleasant.  Jill & Nathan talked about the International Conference they attended coming back with many suggestions on future activities, etc.  Tonia and Sue are working on the Kaluga, Russia exchange and will keep us informed.
Sue is making a list of activities for incoming ambassadors and asked for suggestions.  Beth suggested putting together a cookbook of all the tasty recipes brought to our pot lucks and others.
The meeting was closed at 7:35 P.M. followed by a slide presentation by Marge and Ed Clarke of their exchange with the Friendship Force of Chicago and Milwaukee showing how much fun intramural exchanges can be.
Respectfully submitted,
RoseMary Hopp, Secretary
Board Meeting Minutes- September 16, 2010
President Diane opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. at the home of RoseMary and Tom Hopp. 

Minutes were read and approved. 


Treasurer Ron reviewed the treasurer’s report showing a balance in good standing.  He also reported that membership badges had come in.  According to the constitution, dues are due October 1.  They remain $25 per couple; $16 for single.  He also talked about the status of the club as a Michigan non-profit organization and our obligations.  He is arranging for his friend, Attorney Jeff Green, to look into what we should be doing.  Carol explained her experience with another club in applying for non-profit corportation as did Sue.


The Friendship Force International sent forms for clubs to request 2012 exchanges.  After much discussion, the following were suggested:

1) Austria; 2) St. Petersburg, Russia; France/Italy.


It was suggested that the other Michigan Friendship Forces be contacted to try and coordinate requests for a better possibility of receiving them.  Diane agreed to do this. She will also send in the charter renewal due January 15, 2011.


INBOUND EXCHANGES:   March 16-22, 2011-Kaluga, Russia; Exchange directors: Tonya Green & Sue Hill.


OUTBOUND EXCHANGES: November, 2011-All-Michigan to Whangarei & Christchurch, New Zealand with Western Michigan FF  as exchange director.  Sue has collected a list of 14 interested.


2010/2011 Schedule:

GENERAL MEETINGS:  (Details closer to dates)

    Friday October 29—Potluck Dinner at Hannah Center—6:00 -9:00 P.M.  Program: Marge & Ed Clarke on one of their exchanges


    Friday, December 3—Holiday Party –Hannah Center—6:00-9:00 P.M.


    Friday, February 18-General meeting; Sue Hill & others -Exchange to Ireland


     Friday, April 15—General meeting; Carol Wilson-Duffy - on English Language Center


     Friday, June 17--


     August—Annual Picnic


BOARD MEETINGS:  (3rd Tuesday)

               Tuesday, November 16--Sue Hill

               Tuesday, January 18—Jill Murphy

               Tuesday, March 8—(Inbound from Kaluga-March16-22)


Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

RoseMary Hopp, Secretary

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