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Archived December 3, 2010 Meeting

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General Meeting Minutes- December 3, 2010
Hannah Community Center 

The Christmas Party was held at the Hannah Center starting with socializing and appetizers.  Following a delicious “potluck”, President Diane opened the meeting at 7:45 P.M.  Treasurer Ron announced treasury was in good shape with 24 member having paid dues.  He also shocked everyone with the announcement that he has accepted a job in Kansas and will be leaving shortly.


The membership was asked for any announcements: Garden Club was having a Greens sale over the weekend; Festival of Trees at the Lansing Center on Saturday and Sunday; Meijer Gardens has display of trees around the world; Trade Fair at All Saints; Craft Show at Michigan State University.


Schedule of club events: 

 January 18- Board meeting at Jill Murphy’s


 February 18- General meeting at Hannah Center


 March 8- Board meeting at Parsons


 March 16-22- In-bound exchange with Kaluga,  Russia-

    Tonia Green, exchange director


  April 15-General meeting- Carol Wilson-Duffy - on English Language Center


  May 17-Board Meeting at Hopps


  September 13-19 —Inbound exchange with Ottawa, Canada. Carol Wilson- Duffy Volunteered to be exchange director


Ron resigned as treasurer beginning immediately. Sue Hill will fill in.  Diane will be leaving in April/May. Words of congratulations and sorrow were spoken by past and present board members and a gift presented to Diane and Ron thanking them for all their contribution to the club.


Margaret Sickles and Tonia Green were acknowledged as founders of our club.  Many Thanks to Margaret for her organizing the pot luck.


Membership was encouraged to check website:


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


RoseMary Hopp, Treasurer



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