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Archived July 14, 2011 minutes

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Minutes of Board Meeting -- Friday, July 14, 2011


The board meeting was held at the home of Nathan Wood. Sue Hill, President, opened the meeting. Secretary and treasurer's reports were given. Bob Sheap, treasurer, passed out detailed summaries of expenses, income, and status of the treasury.

The inbound exchange from Ottawa (September 7-13) with Carol Wilson-Duffy as exchange director, is under control although Carol could use more host families.

Joan Kemper has arranged to have the welcome and farewell dinners for the Ottawa exchange at Hickory Hill Condos and this will be considered for future meetings.

The International Bridge Walk led by Tonya Green was a big success.

The day trip to Jackson has been canceled. Other day trips will be considered in the future.

A day trip to the Crane Fest, October 8-9 was suggested by Tonya Green.

In September 2012, we will host the Friendship Force from Brazil. An out-bound exchange to Florianopolis, Brazil has been approved for March or April, 2012.

Casey Wells and Georgia Olds have agreed to be exchange directors for the outbound exchange to Brazill in March/April 2012.

A motion to change membership meeting to the 3rd Thursday of every other month starting with October, 2011 was made and passed.

Places to hold our general meetings was discussed and will be brought up again at the next meeting.

Discussion of possible written policies such as paying expenses for exchange directors, etc. ended with suggestion of finding out what other clubs are doing.

The next board meeting will be held at the new home of Bob Sheap on Monday, August 29, 2011.

The next meeting will be a potluck picnic at the Yacht Club of Lake Lansing through the courtesy of Dennis & Sue Dudley. Margaret Sickles will be asked to coordinate it.

Jill Murphy has agreed to head the nominating committee and will be solicitating help.

The meeting was adjourned followed by an assortment of delicious snacks.

Respectfully submitted,


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