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Archived - August 23, 2011 Minutes

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Minutes of Board Meeting -- Tuesday, August 23, 2011

                                         Board Meeting
The Board of the Friendship Force of Greater Lansing met at the home of Bob Sheap. 
The meeting was opened by President Sue Hill.  Minutes were read by secretary. 
Bob Sheap, treasurer, gave a detailed report of the treasury and explained all at the expenses and income to the present date.  The membership stands at 15 couples and 15 singles with a total of 45 members.
The inbound exchange is well coordinated.  Greeting and farewell bags are prepared to give to the ambassadors.
Discussion was held regarding a club gift.  Suggestions made:
 1) Donate to the FF Legacy Fund to help start
new FF clubs. 
  2) Donate to food bank of Lansing.
  3) Donate money to Refugee Center. 
Motion was made, seconded, and approved to donate money to the Refugee Center.
The day trip to the Crane Fest, October 8 and 9 will be organized by Sue Hill.
Out-bound exchange to Florianopolis, Brazil, is being planned to take place March 7-22, 2012, under the direction of co-exchange directors Georgia Wells and Casey Wells.  Upon completion of the itinerary, a contract will be signed and a deposit made.  The exchange information will be sent via e-mail to all members with a link to the FFI exchange ambassador application, which must be used.  A non-refundable deposit of $600 will be required with the application.  Local club applications must be received by Sept. 30.  If more than 12 applicants are received, a lottery will be held to fill the available places.  If there are openings on Sept. 30, the exchange information will be sent to the other Michigan clubs.  If no applications are received by October 28, the exchange will be opened to all domestic FFI clubs.
Sue passed out slips of paper for members to put down suggested names for exchange director for the inbound Brazil exchange.
Much interest was shown to host an Open World group.  Sue said she would apply and Margaret Sickles, Casey Wells, and Mike Steely offered to help.
Requests for the 2013 exchange locations will be voted on at the October annual meeting.
Further investigation regarding the club's Federal non-profit status will be done.
The meeting was closed followed by refreshments and fellowship.
Respectfully submitted,
RoseMary Hopp, Secretary 

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