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Archived - October 13, 2011 Meeting

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Minutes of Board Meeting -- Wednesday, October 13, 2011

                                         Board Meeting

President Sue Hill opened the meeting of the Board at her house at 7:15 P.M. Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer Bob Sheap gave a thorough summary of 2010-2011 income and expenditures and a breakdown of the Ottawa, Canada exchange. Forty-five members have paid dues. A motion was made and approved that dues paid in August would cover the 2011-2012 year.

The motion passed at the last board meeting allotting the $200 from the Friendship Force of Ottawa to go to the Refugee Center will be delivered by Sue.

Jill Murphy, chair of the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers for 2011-2012. President: Georgia Old; Vice President: Casey Wells; Secretary: RoseMary Hopp; Treasurer: Bob Sheap. After reading the by-laws, it was uncovered that "no officer may hold an office more than 3 consecutive terms." This pertains to the present secretary and a new nominee will be sought. Nominations will be open at the General Meeting on October 20.

Sue Hill suggested that our club be on Face book and has offered to work on it.

2012 OUTBOUND EXCHANGE: Georgia Old and Casey Wells reported that all was well with the Florianopolis, Brazil, exchange March 7-22 and that the exchange is full. Deadline for the final deposit is December 15. A presentation on Brazil will be shown that the General Meeting.

2012 INBOUND EXCHANGE: Tonya Green has agreed to be exchange director for the inbound exchange from Tere-Rio, Brazil in September 2012.

OPEN WORLD PROGRAM: Sue has written a grant to request for an Open World Group. If accepted, Sue has agreed to be exchange director and Jill will go to Atlanta for the indoctrination.

OLD BUSINESS: Exchanges for 2013 will be voted on at the October Annual Meeting, October 20. Suggestions were: 1) Russia; 2) British Columbia; 3) Germany; 4) Ottawa. Others will be accepted.

NEW BUSINESS: The by-laws were discussed. D. Dudley, attorney, said our present by-laws just needed a few grammatical exchanges and this was accomplished. A motion was made and approved that a "Policy & Procedure" Committee should be formed. Jill & Bob offered to served and will ask Dennis Dudley to be on the committee along with any other volunteers.

8:45 P.M. The meeting was adjourned followed by very delicious refreshments.

Respectfully Submitted,

RoseMary Hopp, Secretary

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