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Archived January 18, 2012 Minutes

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Minutes of Board Meeting -- Wednesday, January 18, 2012

                                         Board Meeting


President Georgia Old opened the meeting at her home at 7:20 p.m. Minutes from the October 13, 2011 Board Meeting and the November 23, 2011 General Meeting were read and approved with the following corrections:

  • Bob Sheap suggested a change from using 5/3rd band to Lake Trust credit union because Lake Trust will be charging MORE for wire transfers and the CLOSEST locations are closed.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob Sheap provided a detailed summary of expenses and income since the beginning of this fiscal year (October 2011) including the status of expenses for the Florianopolis exchange.  Currently the group has 35 paid members that have paid membership (13 couples, 9 singles).



  1. Georgia reported on the March 2012 Outbound Exchange to Florianopolis, Brazil.  Final payments are due on 12/15/11.  Georgia will apply for her visa so that she can then let the rest of the exchange know about the process.  Roommates need to be confirmed.
  2. Tanya Green will coordinate the 2012 Inbound Exchange from the Portuguese group. This is expected to take place in September 2012, but no other information is confirmed at this time.
  3. Open World Program – Sue Hill reported that our grant application was approved.  However, no money has been approved by Congress yet. This would be a delegation of 12 people (plus 2 facilitators) from the Ukraine during the first week on November.  The group is interested in High School and University education.

Old Business

  1. Georgia requested Penticton, British Columbia as our 1st choice for the 2013 Outbound Exchange.  Second choice request is southern Germany and 3rd choice is Ottawa.
  2. By-Laws Amendments/Revisions – a couple of minor changes are needed.  Georgia will contact D. Dennis Dudley to ask for the information of the needed changes in writing so that they can be implemented.
  3. Policy and Procedure Committee – Jill Murphy will chair this committee which includes Bob Sheap and D. Dennis Dudley.

New Business

  1. The Holiday party will be held on December 2nd.  The Board asked Bob Sheap if he would show the same program of photos that was shown at the October 20th meeting, for those who were not there or would like to see the beautiful photos again.  Bob agreed to present a program at the party.
  2. Goals

1.  Communication

    1.  Discussion took place about Sue Hill’s proposal for either a club Facebook page or a newsletter.  The Board agreed to proceed with a newsletter at this time as not everyone is on Facebook, and a newsletter can be emailed to both members and prospective members.  Sue will create the newsletter.
    2. Email list – the email list will be updated.  Margaret will provide it to Laurie to send out the General Meeting minutes.

2.     More community involvement – Georgia contacted Dottie at the Refugee Center to see if there are needs our group could help with.  There was discussion about the possibility of getting the word out to the group to bring items to the Holiday party.  A motion that we look into putting something together for the Center was made by Margaret, seconded by Ron and approved.


  1. 2012 Calendar – Dates for Board and General Meetings were identified.  The current location at Hickory Hills is a good location.  There is still a question, however, of whether we can meet there if Joan is not in attendance.

2012 dates:

v  January 18 – Board meeting at Georgia’s house

v  February 16 – General meeting

v  March 28 – Board meeting at Bob’s house

v  April 19 – General meeting

v  May 16 – Board meeting at Sue’s house

v  June 21 – General meeting

v  July 18 – Board meeting at Margaret’s house

v  August 16 – General meeting and Picnic

v  September 19 – Board meeting at Laurie’s

v  October 18 – General meeting

v  November 14 – Board meeting at Casey’s house

v  December 7 – Holiday Party


  1. Banking – Bob Sheap

Bob suggested a change from using 5/3rd bank to Lake Trust credit union.  5/3rd will be charging for wire transfers and many of their locations are closing.  A motion that we transfer the bank account to Lake Trust was made by Sue, seconded by Margaret and approved.


  1. Dues increase

There was a proposal at the October 20th General meeting to increase the dues to cover our current shortage.  A motion was made to increase singles to $25 and couples to $35 by Bob, seconded by Margaret and approved.


Other Business

  1. The group discussed whether to invest $60 annually in the website to increase the capacity.  This had been approved some time ago.  A motion was made by Sue to reaffirm our desire to pay $60 to Alta Vista/Tripod for ad-free website services.  The motion was seconded by Bob and approved.
  2. Georgia will contact Marge Clark to see if she would be interested in presenting her Mississippi trip at the February General meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Perrelli, Secretary

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