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Archived May 16, 2012 minutes

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Minutes of Board Meeting -- Wednesday, May 16, 2012

                                Board Meeting

President Georgia Old opened the meeting at the home of Sue Hill at 7:10 pm. Present were Georgia Old, Tonya Green, Sue Hill, Bob Sheap, Bob Harris and Casey Wells.

Minutes of the previous meeting written by Sue Hill were read by Georgia Old. Bob Sheap moved for approval, Casey Wells seconded, approved.

Treasurer Bob Sheap reported a balance of $2,636.50 in three separate accounts at Lake Trust. Because of the cost of fees at Lake Trust, the funds will now be moved to the MSU Credit Union.

Bob Harris moved for approval, Tonya Green seconded, approved. Bob also reported the account for the Florianopolis Exchange has been closed.

Tonya Green reported that nine ambassadors are expected on the 2012 Inbound Exchange from Tere-Rio, Brazil. They are all single women. Suggestions were then made concerning the scope of activities for them. Tonya has a broad outline and will continue to refine it and create a budget. Reservations will be made for the group on the Michigan Flyer for transport from the Detroit airport. Tonya will go to Detroit to meet them at 12:30pm on September 25, 2012..

Sue Hill reported on the Open World Exchange with The Ukraine scheduled for November 3-11, 2012. We will be hosting 10 delegates, 2 facilitators and a translator with a program centering on high-school and college educational practices in the U.S. She is working with the following calendar: 11/2 - arrival

11/3 - Frankenmuth and Birch Run

11/4 - free day with host

11/5-11/9 - program days, including meeting with legislators and/or staff; visits to LCC & state education personnel, etc.

11/10 or 11/11 - departure

She noted that this exchange is provided with an adequate budget by the Open World Leadership Center. Several suggestions were made for typically American activities for the group, including a Friday night high school football game or a Saturday morning MSU tailgate.

Georgia Old indicated that, in order to save time at this meeting, the report on the FFI Regional Meeting held in Kalamzoo would appear in the next newsletter. She did note that three people asked for and received the $35.00 fee reimbursement.

Jill Murphy is chairing the Policy and Procedure Committee with Bob Sheap and Dennis Dudley as members. They have been asked to present their report at the September Board Meeting in order to have the new document approved by the general membership at the October Annual Meeting.

Ideas and expectation for the outbound exchange to Penticton, BC in June, 2013 were presented. There was a general consensus that a week in the Canadian Rockies in conjunction with the exchange would be a good selling point. There was also some interest in Vancouver as a destination. An exchange director is needed and anyone interested in doing so is urged to contact Georgia Old.

There has been no further development on an incoming exchange from New Zealand.

Georgia announced the resignation of Laurie Perelli as secretary and sought suggestions for a replacement.. She also announced the appointment of Bob and Barbara Harris as new board members with their acceptance to act as the program committee. Several programming suggestions were made.

Discussion ensued regarding the FFI Wayne Smith medal. This is a special award to recognize those who show exceptional leadership in promoting the Friendship Force mission. It requires a $500.00 donation to the national office in exchange for the engraved medal which would be presented to the recipient. It was moved by Sue Hill, seconded by Bob Harris, that further investigation by done.

In other business, it was suggested that board meeting be planned to take place at alternative times. Possibilities might be breakfast or lunch meetings or on Saturday.

It was moved by Bob Harris, seconded by Bob Sheap, that the meeting be adjourned at 8:40pm. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Casey Wells

Substitute secretary

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