Friendship Force of Greater Lansing, MI

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Do you have comments or questions on our organization? An announcement or posting for our Bulletin Board? Or would you like to become a member of our club? Please get in touch!


Jill Murphy
Phone: 517-580-7742

President: Jill Murphy

Membership: Tonya Green

Become a Member!

Dues for membership are due October 1st.
Single: $25.00
Make check payable to Friendship Force of Greater Lansing and mail it to:

Sue Hill
2807 Montego Dr.
Lansing, MI 48912
email address:

President: Jill Murphy
Vice President: Gail Riley
Secretary: Marge Clarke
Treasurer: Sue Hill
Past President: Georgia Old

Exchange Director:  Georgia Old 
Membership: Tonya Green
Activities: Margaret Sickles

Webmaster: Robert Sheap

Friendship Force of Greater Lansing